The department functions 24×7 practicing world class anesthesia and perioperative medical care for a wide range of elective and emergency surgeries for patients of all ages.

Safety is at the heart of anesthetic practice. Our specialists perform basic preoperative assessment , optimization & counseling for surgery and anesthesia which ensures better compliance & prognosis .

Our Specialities include:-

  • Cardiothoracic anesthesia which include comprehensive anesthesia for heart surgeries, interventional cardiac procedures.
  • Neuro anesthesia which include anesthesia for tumor surgeries, intracranial bleeds , spine surgeries , Neuro emergencies & awake craniotomies.
  • Anesthesia for obstetrics & Gynecology including labour analgesia round the clock and all kind of emergencies.
  • Monitored Anesthesia care for procedures in radiology suites , Endoscopy room & Cath labs.
  • Acute & Chronic pain management services with state of the art equipments.
  • Anesthesia for renal transplantation.
  • USG guided procedures & difficult airway access using fibre optic bronchoscope.

The BLS/ ACLS trained anaesthetists are an integral part of this hospital, where the support function for other specialities is concerned.

We preach evidence based medicine and practice it too.