About us

For 25 years, SUT has set the highest standards for healthcare, in the capital city of the state that has the longest living citizens in India.

Cancer Screening Package

As part of World Cancer Day SUT Preventive is offering 50% off on Cancer Screening Packages from 1-2-2018 to 28-2-2018.

Centres of Excellence

The extensive experience of our doctors, gives them the skills to bring together the scientific aspects of your care, from processes, to protocols and procedures.

Clinical Support

Our departments work with you as a team, because the science says that it is the only way things will workout and it shows in our results.



We have various departments that we have in place to help us provide total healthcare to patients. This also helps us branch out, technology wise.


Our Oncology department offers cancer care that is backed by the advanced technologies available which allows the cancer to be targeted with pinpoint accuracy


A systematic program to help those who need it the most, as we believe that everyone should benefit from the science of healthcare, and not just those who can afford it.

The team at SUT told me their aim was to ensure I am out of the hospital and back to life as quickly as possible. But even after that, they systematically kept track of my health.

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